Cookbooks and Diet Books

We have successfully indexed a number of famous diet books in Spanish, such as The South Beach Diet and the LA. Shape Diet. We welcome your queries about your recipe or diet book, whether in English or Spanish.


Terry Thompson-Anderson, Breakfast in Texas (University of Texas Press, 1e 2016)


Cooper & Cooper, Encienda la chispa para adelgazar (Emmaus, PA: Rodale Inc., 2006)

Atkins, La revolución diabética del Dr. Atkins (New York: HarperCollins, 2005)

Stanten, Reafirme su figura en tres semanas (Emmaus, PA: Rodale Inc., 2005)

Heber, La dieta L.A. Shape (New York: HarperCollinsRayo, 2006)

Harrar, Prevention's Gánele a la glucosa (Emmaus, PA: Rodale Inc., 2004)
transl. from The Sugar Solution


Agatston, La dieta South Beach (Emmaus, PA: Rodale Inc., 2003)
[also Recetario; Guía de compras, (recipe book, shopping guide) in same series]

Yeager, La guía médica de remedios alimenticios (Emmaus, PA: Rodale Inc., 2001)
(transl. from The Doctor's Book of Food Remedies)

Tausend, Cocina de la familia (Simon & Schuster Libros en Español, 1999)
winner of Julia Child Cookbook Award

Peyton, New Cooking from Old Mexico (Santa Fe, NM: Red Crane Press, 1999)

Delgado and editors of Prevention Magazine, Curas de la cocina latina (Emmaus, PA:
Rodale Inc., 1999)

Raichlen, Salud y sazón (Emmaus, PA: Rodale Inc., 1998)


James Scala, The New Arthritis Relief Diet (Penguin USA, 1998)


Barton, Cocine saludablemente (Cook healthy) (Simon & Schuster Libros en Español, 1998)



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